Sunday, 15 June 2008

Visa forms at dawn

Have been absent from blogging again and promise I will make sure I update this week with some news from Singers and photos.

Only 12 more days now until we travel back to England for our four weeks holiday and we are all feeling VERY excited. Some sad news is that Mary's visa was rejected by the UK Government. We're having another go this week but not holding out much hope at the moment. I'll rant about the evils of immigration soon but for now am just open-mouthed with surprise and bafflement at the whole system. Feeling very much like I need to write to the Daily Mail and advise them just how flipping hard it is to get a Visa to come to the UK when you are from a poor third world Asian country, especially as I fear most of us English believe anyone can get one at the drop of a hat!!

Off to bed now, need to rest myself before the showdown at UK Immigration office tomorrow morning.....

V xx