Wednesday, 30 April 2008

One Night in Singapore

My old school friend Mary had a 24 hour stopover in Singapore during the Easter holidays with her boyfriend Richard (aka "The Brummie")and their son, Elliot whilst on their way to Australia to visit Brum's sister.

Their stopover coincided with Dad's visit, so there was a bit of bed reorganisation required, but everyone had somewhere to sleep for the night and Aimee especially enjoyed giving up her bed as it meant she got to sleep on the camp-bed in our room!

They arrived at 8am on Tuesday and were on the 9am plane the next day so we had lots to fit in during their short stay. No sooner did they step out of the taxi before the boys were doing some serious bonding (that's Oliver and Elliot - not Leigh and Brum as poor Leigh was off to work) over Lego, toy cars and all manner of boy stuff.

Mary and Richard had lots of lovely cuddles from Annabelle, who was on her best behaviour (as if there is anything else from the best-behaved-baby-ever!) and was cooing and smiling lots to their delight. Their second baby is due in the Autumn so it was great for them to see Elliot coping so well with them holding another baby and not having a mini-freak out!

We had a lovely chat over cups of tea and toast, then off to the British Club for some swimming and lunch. Back home for a while to let the travellers have a nap whilst me and kids shopped for a BBQ in the evening, then Ollie and I took them down to see Sir Stamford Raffles' statute before hoping on the BumBoat for the Singapore River tour. Unfortunately we had a tropical downpour whilst on the boat but it was only us so we had lots of space to keep dry and I think they enjoyed the drop in temperature and humidity that a storm brings.

Back home for pizza tea for the kids before Elliot crashed out in the bunkbeds much to Mary and Richard's relief. BBQ for the grownups before we all fell into bed early after a lovely long day of fun, food and catching up with old friends.

An early start the next day and I couldn't see them off in a taxi as I wanted to squeeze as much out of my time with them as possible. So Annabelle and I took an early trip to the airport for morning coffee and cake before waving goodbye to Mary, Richard and Elliot as they set off on the next stage of their big adventure holiday.

A few tears on the way home from me as Mary's visit made me homesick for my friends in England. Whilst I have made some wonderful friends here and enjoy a great life, its hard to match life-long friendships; no matter how infrequently you service them with a chat and a cup of tea those friendships really are extra special. Plus, it made me realise how soon Dad would be leaving and as you all know, when anyone leaves I become a bit of misery guts for a while.

Still, its only 8 weeks now till we return to UK and its looking good on the passport front for Annabelle. The British High Commission have PROMISED me that her Birth Certificate and Passport will be ready by 12 May. Mmmm, watch this space to see if they come good....

No post would be complete without photos, so here's a few from Mary & Co's One Night in Singapore....

Elliot's first go down the slide - this was the moment before he was freaked out and refused to go on again!

Elliot doing his inadvertent Liam Gallagher pose.

Boys on the BumBoat Tour

Mary and Super-Baby Annabelle

"You mean I've got to get on the plane AGAIN???"

Not too bad for 7am!!

V xxx

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