Monday, 21 April 2008

Annabelle's First Visitors

The first batch of Grandparent visits are now sadly over, with mum visiting us for a couple of weeks in March and Dad, Julie and Natalie for a couple of weeks in April during the Easter School Holidays.

Was so lovely to be able to show Annabelle off to them and of course, to see everyone as its been our longest stretch so far without seeing family. Between 7 and 8 months!! Leigh's parents are coming out in three weeks time, but he at least has seen them a couple of times since their last visit when he's been in UK for work but the kids and I haven't seen them since last August.

As it was Mum's third trip, Dad and Julie's second tip and Natalie's fourth trip we didn't really manage too many new things but just enjoyed our time together really. I think it was probably a bit of headache for all of them putting up with me getting to grips with being a mother of 3 but not much you can do about that when you are all living together for a couple of weeks and there is a new baby in the house!

We took mum to Shangri La Brunch on Easter Sunday, which she enjoyed hugely. We were accompanied by our lovely neighbours Jo and Magnus, plus their 19 month old daughter Evie (on her first Brunch trip!) and Mags' mum and stepdad. Lots of food eaten and Champagne was drunk and we followed it all up with an Easter Egg hunt in the afternoon with tea and toasted hot cross buns.

Here are the kids frantically searching for eggs and showing off their spoils...

Plus, a pic of gorgeous little Evie

I also took mum to High Tea at the Rose Verandha at Shangri La. You may have guessed from my entries on this Blog, but food is a bit of big deal in Singapore. Its not for nothing that Singaporeans are known to enjoy eating and window shopping as their first two favourite pastimes! We took little Annabelle along with us too and you can she that she loved the "101 Teas of the Shangri-La" as much as mum and I did!

Mum was subjected to numerous school events again having arrived as we were coming to the end of Spring Term. I think she is praying she'll get out of the Spring Soiree next year. Whilst wonderful to watch your child singing to the audience of 200 parents, its a bit tedious when you have to sit through everyone else's kids too. Three hours later we saw Aimee's grand finale in the choir and then ran to the car as fast as we could.

Here's a few pics of Grandma and her newest Grand-daughter...

Dad, Julie and Natalie arrived in the evening of the first day of the holidays and due to a lost bag (Thanks Emirates!!) they were a little late in arriving, by which time the kids had built themselves into a manic frenzy! Lots of cuddles as soon as they were out of the taxi, but Nanny Julie had to wait a day or two until her cold cleared up before she allowed herself the first cuddle with BabyBelle.

We tried a different Brunch with Dad and Julie at the Fullerton Hotel (one of my favourites for dessert you may recall!). It was every bit as lovely as we expected and is another foody thing to add to the list of things to do when people are in town. Dad and Julie went to Sea Gypsy again for 5 days but we all stayed back in Singapore as wee Miss doesn't have a passport.

(Don't let me get started on that long and sorrowful story. I'm off to the British High Commission this week with every document ever produced for Leigh and I's existence this week and am hoping they'll issue her a UK birth certificate and passport finally. THEN, its back to Singapore Immigration for her Dependent's Permit - uuuurrrghhh!!!)

Anyways...Am racking my brain for more on what we did this holiday but its a fuzz. Mary, Richard and Elliott had an entertaining 24 hours in Singapore but I'll blog that later. We did go on the all new Singapore Flyer which is basically the London Eye in Asia BUT it is 30 meters higher than the UK one which all in all gives you a spectacular view of the shipping lanes and Casino construction site - mmm, not quite historic London but not bad. (Shame we had greyish skies that day...)

Oh, we went to the new Sentosa Lights and Water show. Costs 2 pounds each and so had been poo-pooed by me as probably being naff but was actually fantastic. I was blown away by how good it was and will definitely be going with more visitors in the future. Rest of the time was spent shopping, eating, trips to Botanical Gardens and British Club, before sadly was time was up for them to go back home. Here's some pics of Grandad, Nanny Julie and Auntie Natalie with the kids.....

So its the last day of school holidays today and we're off for haircuts and school uniform buying this morning. The kids are having a growth spurt and can't have another term in mini-dresses (Aimee) and hotpant style shorts (Ollie). I've had to leave it till the last day as they are growing so quickly I worried if I bought it a few weeks ago they grow another inch in between times!

Summer term is ten weeks long with no break, though we may steal the kids out of school and have a few days away if we ever get a passport for Annabelle. Otherwise, its one long push through to 27th June when they finish for eight weeks summer holidays. We are on the plane back to UK the next day, Saturday 28th June arriving late that night. We'll be visiting for four weeks again, leaving on 24th July. We are staying in one place for the whole visit as we've rented a house in Hollingbourne (near Leeds Castle - about 15 miles from Hempstead Valley). Click on THIS to jump to the cottage's website if you want a nose and for address etc (though I will email details nearer the time).

Finally, a quick THANK YOU to everyone who has sent presents and cards for Annabelle. We have really appreciated all the effort you've gone to posting things to us on the other side of the world. All those trips to the post office made us feel like you hadn't forgotten us. As usual, I've written all my thank you cards but the school holidays got in the way of my putting all the addresses on so they'll be posted in the week. In the meantime, here's one last pic of our very own, Singapore Girl...

Bye for now
V xxxxxxxxxxxx

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