Sunday, 17 February 2008

Announcing the arrival of.....

Annabelle Rose Leather joined us on Saturday 9 February 2008 at 6.22pm Singapore time, weighing 3.2kg (7 pounds and half an ounce). She was two weeks early but that is considered a great success after I went into premature labour at 34 weeks. Four weeks of daily contractions followed, plus the flu, a chest infection and a fall which left me with a busted nose, black eyes, bruised head and bruised legs only 7 days before her birth! (Hence no pics of me)

Fortunately, Annabelle seems to have arrived in fabulous shape despite my traumas (except for a bit of jaundice) and is already universally adored by us Leathers. There is much arguing amongst us as to who gets to hold her first, but being the breast-feeding mummy I usually win!

I was induced in the end and am glad to say the labour was only one and a half hours from first pain to first cuddle. The contractions were extra horrid thanks to the drip to stimulate contractions but as it was so quick I can honestly say I felt worse after the fall the week before than I did after the labour!

We're both home from hospital now and whilst its sad not having all of our friends and family here, we are being very spoilt by our Singaporean and expat friends and neighbours and feeling very lucky indeed.

Here are a few photos. Videos to follow once I get longer than 5 minutes to myself....

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