Thursday, 1 November 2007


Halloween was great fun again this year. Being a street well known locally for its ex-pat population (and therefore willingness to dress up and doll out huge quantities of sweets)we were awash with kids and their parents trick or treating.

Aimee was a vampire's cat (basically a black cat with vampire teeth which she soon bored of) and Ollie was a skeleton courtesy of the Sainsbury's outfit Auntie Sarah bought him over last year which fortunately still fits him. Afraid I just couldn't contemplate dressing up this year in my pregnant state - all that man-made fibre and a wig in 33 degrees?? I'm suffering enough in the heat and didn't fancy making it worse for myself so I left the sweet distribution to Mary this year (who was NOT interested in being my substitute evil witch of the house) and went off trick or treating instead.

Was a great atmosphere with lots of people about, various parties going on and a lovely community feeling we've certainly never experienced in England. Halloween in our little expat community of Kingsville is how I imagine it to be in the US - certainly American friends and neighbours who've joined in the fun say its very similar to a US Halloween.

Leigh cancelled his trip to Bali this week due to a bad back but it meant that he got to join in the fun as he was away last year. He wasn't up for a costume, this was his sole effort towards anything remotely ghoulish.......

Unlike our friends Paul and Adrian who you can see really went to town and scared the living crap out of most of the kids! Paul's wife Sylvia is already well known on the street for her extreme enthusiasm for any kind of holiday/celebration. (She happily donned a full Easter Rabbit costume in this heat/humidity, played for an hour with the kids and led an Easter Egg hunt! I can't emphasise how nuts about this kind of thing you need to be to agree to that out here...)

Regina and I were the top-dogs of decorations till Sylvia arrived. Now we merely pale into insignificance! I'm gutted I didn't photograph her house but suffice to say she worked on her plan for weeks and painted a backdrop which covered the whole front of the house and added all sorts of props. That combined with the Paul and Adrian duo was quite a combination.

Here are some of my favourite pics of the evening starting with my favourite costume, Senhon's dead pirate. Loving the grey wig....


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