Thursday, 26 July 2007

Summer Holidays...

The children and I are now in England for our 4 week summer holiday, which we have been greatly looking forward to.

We are spending the next 2 weeks or so staying at Jacinta's house in Rainham, doing cat-babysitting whilst she is on holiday. It is so kind of her to let us stay here, I really appreciate her hospitality and hope to return the favour next year as I seem to be persuading her a trip to Singapore is a good idea....

I've been a bit useless on the blogging front again in the last month as I've been pretty ill and have been in hospital twice due to a ruptured ovarian cyst and some other lady complications due to the fact I am pregnant!!! Yes, we have decided to add a third and final baby-leather to the gang and am currently about 10 weeks pregnant. Things have been a little complicated by the cyst and the fact I have hyperemesis - basically the worst form of morning sickness you can get. Typical!! After my last stay in hospital for severe dehydration I was put on some tablets which have reduced the vomiting from about 25 times a day to an average of 5. Much better but still feeling yuck. Keep your fingers crossed for me it goes off in next couple of weeks.

The kids are bursting with excitment and can't quite grasp how long the pregnancy will take. Ollie is talking to my belly constantly and kissing it a lot which is cute.

Unfortunately Leigh hasn't been able to come with us as he is busy at work so that is going to make this trip tough. We have also had to cancel our week in Turkey with Dad and Julie as my consultant wouldn't authorise the travel given the medical problems I've been having. So instead, on 9th August the kids and I will be moving up to Mike and Maureen's place until we return to Singapore on 19th August.

Well, I will try to email you all in the next few days with contact numbers etc and hope to catch with many of you over the next 4 weeks.

See you soon

V xxxx

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