Thursday, 10 May 2007

Ollie the fish!

Ollie is now starting to swim unaided and wanted to show off his new skills on the Blog to all of you. So I duly took my camera to the Club on Sunday and took a little clip of him at his fish-like best. Aimee makes a short cameo at the end.

Its hard to believe that a year ago we had just returned from our first visit to Singapore and neither of them would get into the pool without either Leigh or I to attach themselves too - quite literally by grabbing us round the neck and nearly drowning us!

Hope you are all well in Blighty. Mike and Maureen arrived this week and its been lovely to see them after four and half months. We are now busy with the preparations for Ollie's Birthday party on Saturday, his actual Birthday [so another cake!] on Sunday and then off to Bali on Monday.

Life is good. Definitely not a drop of homesickness in the air at the moment which is great after the recent months when it has at times, plagued me and made me wonder what we are doing here. All too soon I 'll be back to the UK and kicking myself for wasting those days. My closest friend here, Michelle, has recently found out she is returning to the UK with her family in July. She will have been here for only 9 months by then - that is less time than us Leathers have been here already! Its been a kick up the bum to remind to enjoy this time whilst it lasts.

V xx

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