Tuesday, 3 April 2007


I've had the nod that the big announcement has now been made so I'm ok to share on my blog.....that Virginia is having baby number 2 sometime in November.

Fantastic stuff, very pleased for the three of them. Have to confess to going a bit silly and having a tear on the phone when she told me as I realised I won't get to see the baby until he or she is a few months old as we aren't planning to visit england over xmas this year. It just doesn't feel right that Ginny's having a baby and I won't be around to see the little munchkin till its a much bigger munchkin!

I knew these events would come along and make me sad about being so far away, but it still surprised me when I started crying! Anyway, great news - now Ginny has two projects - a new house to get ship-shape and baby number 2!

Congratulations Crosbys!!!xxxx!!!xxxx

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