Tuesday, 3 April 2007

End of term-itis....

The end of term is getting closer (tomorrow and we're all counting the hours). School seems to get more and more hectic at the end of term as there has been a bevvy of events including Ollie's assembly from last post. Then we had "Book Week" which was busy for the kids and culminated in Parades for both Infant and Junior school when the children all dressed up as characters from their favourite books.

Here's a picture of Aimee and her friends Katie, Eve and Emily. Aimee was Hermione Granger in her ball-gown (Goblet of Fire); Katie was Amelia Jane; Emily was Horrid Henry and I can't remember who Eve was....oh well!!

Ollie was one of Captain's Hook's pirates from Peter Pan - luckily he had a foam sword as he was only too happy to threaten his classmates!

We've also had a Year 4 BBQ for Aimee's year group. An excuse for all the parents and kids to get together, eat, drink and have a good time. We congregated at one of the family's condo so the kids could spend the afternoon in the pool. One of the father's bought along a 6-foot wide trampoline which floats in the water - I was a bit concerned when the kids went wild and bundled on it, but no major damage and no A&E trips required!

Mum has gone back to England and we're really missing having her around.

Last weekend was a bit of chill-out as I was out for a (ahem) few drinks on Friday night with my Turkish friend Berna - man, that woman can drink!!! Consequently spent Sat suffering. Sunday was an Easter Egg Hunt at Oliver's friend Connor's house.

So tomorrow we've got two easter assemblies (oh joy!) then Oliver's class has its easter party - mmm, chocolate!!! Mr Bean Movie after school (kill me now!!!!) and a day to recover on Thursday before the next arrivals....

Dad, Julie and Natalie arrive on Friday morning about 10 minutes after Leigh's plane lands from India. Be a busy morning at Changi airport for us but the start of what I'm hoping will be a great Easter Holiday.

love V xxxxxxxxx

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