Saturday, 14 April 2007

Easter in Singapore

Dad, Julie and Natalie arrived early on Good Friday for a 16 day visit. We've been having a great time doing touristy stuff (yes, i've been on the bumboat tour and had drinks at Raffles AGAIN!!) and generally enjoying no school and lots of chocolate!

Discovered that storing easter eggs in the tropics is quite a chore and am dreading the electricity bill this month as have had the air con on permanently in my study to keep the chocolate from melting into a Willy Wonka like chocolate river!

At the end of term Aimee was Mary Magdalene in the school easter assembly and Ollie was an Easter bunny. Cute but you can see he wasn't having any of it when I asked to take his picture!

On Easter Sunday we went to the Shangri-Li Hotel for Easter Brunch. Brunch is a "Singapore Sunday Institution" where all the big hotels put on lovely all you can eat buffets (usually with free-flowing champagne etc) for a couple of hours. The choice of food is unbelievable - lobster, prawns, steak, sushi, bbq, deserts like you've never seen and lots more.

We've only recently come round to the Brunch thing but I can see it going to become a regular thing with visitors as they are such fun. Not really helping with the diet though! Ah well...

The kids went on an Easter egg hunt at the Hotel and got MORE chocolate then finished their lunch with some pink candy floss. I'm still scrapping them off the ceiling 6 days later from the sugar rush.

Dad and Julie went off to Kuala Lumpur by train for a couple of days and had a fantastic time. They stayed in the new Traders hotel beside the Asian Twin Towers (Petronas Towers - until recently the tallest buildings in the world). Their bedroom had one wall of virtually all glass looking out at the Towers. Definitely worth the trip in their view and something to add to our stash of ideas for visitors to do when coming to see us. They travelled up first class by train - thought they'd treat themselves as it was the grand sum of 19 pounds each!

I stayed here with Natalie and the kids and we managed to keep ourselves busy with a history trip to Fort Siloso so the kids could learn about the fall of Singapore to the "Dhastardly" Japanese. Lots of walking through tunnels and playing with very large guns so they were happy. Trip to Underwater World to look at lots of Nemos and Dorys (Ollie's favourite fish of course). We had a picnic and ball games with some of the kids from Ollie's class at the Botanical Gardens which was fun but a little too warm after a couple of hours. All in all, a busy week.

Last night we had dinner at Boat Quay followed by drinks on the terrace at the very posh Fullerton Hotel. Lots of fun and a fully expat evening.

Tomorrow we're all travelling up to Malaysia to go to Pulau Sibu for a couple of days which are all looking forward to.

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