Thursday, 1 March 2007

Chinese New Year

We recently celebrated Chinese New Year - 'tis the year of the pig. Rik, Tracey & Isabella were in Singapore visiting us for a couple of weeks over the holiday period too.

CNY is a BIG deal in Asia. Put it this way, on Christmas Day many shops, restaurants and bars were open but over CNY just about everything is shut. Its like a ghost town.

The kids had a big celebration at school and Leigh and I learnt the story of CNY twice in one day by watching not one, but two assemblies at school. (The joy of kids spread between the infants and junior/senior school!) I've attached some photos of the kids in their costumes. All the kids in school dressed up, which they do for all holidays, regardless of religion or culture. With kids from 36 different countries in one school there is always something to celebrate.

We then had a street party with all our expat and local (well just the friendly ones) neighbours. We drag a couple of BBQ's and tables onto the street, let the kids run wild and eat and drink ourselves silly. Leigh was over intoxicated & in bed by 10pm (after stealing ollie's quilt, poor little fella); Rik & Tracey retired with a cuppa tea at 11pm to our neighbour's amusement "so british", and I collapsed into bed at 3am after a vodka session with the funny germans next door and our friendly locals. I suffered the next day and swore off drink again....

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