Sunday, 18 March 2007

Ollie's Class Assembly

On Friday 16 March, Ollie's Nursery Class and the Special Needs class for pre-school children joined together to present their first Assembly (without the help of Reception Class) to the rest of the Infant School and their parents. It was very sweet.

The Assembly was called "Our Favourite Songs" and showed off all the songs the kids have learnt since starting school last September. They worked really hard to prepare for the assembly and all the kids decorated their own t-shirts with pictures of their families. You'll see from Ollie's photo that his works of art are still a little abstract.....

Aimee swims in her first Swimming Gala

On Thursday 15 March we enjoyed watching Aimee swim in her first Swimming Gala organised by the Sports Department at her school for children in Years 3 and 4.

Regulars to the leather-blog will remember Aimee has only just learnt to swim, so it was a great achievement for her to be picked to compete in not one, but two of the Relay races. She also swam very well against some of her classmates in the individual Breast-stroke race.

The video clip above shows Aimee getting her team off to a good start in the Freestyle Relay which her team did go on to win. One of the kids got a bit overexcited and tried to do another length when they'd already won - you can see the looks of amusement on the Senior kids faces and hear one of the sports staff frantically blowing her whistle to stop him!

My mum came along to the Gala too as she is here visiting for a couple of weeks. Mum has been overloaded with school stuff this week as we've been into school to observe some of Aimee's lessons as part of the Observation Week, had the Swim Gala and also Ollie's Assembly (next post). Next week we'll be off to see some as-yet-unvisited-by-the-leathers tourist stuff. I'll let you know what we see next week.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Video clip of Oliver's class singing at Christmas

Obviously I'm a bit muddled timewise at the moment whilst I put some stuff on here. Sorry to have xmas stuff muddled into march but there we are!

This is a clip of Ollie's Nursery Class and the Reception Class singing a very cute song at Christmas. They performed it in assembly then did a special in-class show again for us.

Hello everyone!

If you found this page then my email link worked - success finally!!

Welcome to our online diary which I will try to keep up to date, especially with tales of our visitors and our adventures beyond Singapore.

Enjoy xx

Friday, 2 March 2007

Rik, Tracey & Isabella Wood visit Singapore

The Woods visited Singapore for two weeks in February 2007 and I've attached a few photos of their time here. Leigh was able to have a week off work during their visit as it coincided with CNY which is a long public holiday in Asia.

We spent the first few days of their visit chilling out and waiting for them to get over their jetlag. Issy did very well on the long flight (amazing for a 17 month old!) and was sleeping fine very quickly much to Rik and Tracey's relief. We enjoyed lots of swimming and sunbathing at the British Club over CNY and also the street party I've written about in another post.

Leigh and Rik got plenty of "man time" together flying their remote control airplanes (& losing them in trees, on rooftops....) and playing footie games. We had a couple of days out shopping, girls getting nails done and massage and generally enjoying ourselves whilst eating and drinking far too much!

Tracey and Rik had a couple of nights out sans-Issy to Boat Quay for obligatory first visit Chilli Crab and also a trip to the Night Safari. Needless to say, Leigh and I passed on those trips as I now know the commentary for the Night Safari off by heart and we've eaten our own weight in Chilli Crab since we arrived with various visitors......

I gave them my one day whirlwind tour of Singapore's main sights and sounds - check Issy out trying to steal her mum's Singapore Sling in the Long Bar at Raffles. She REALLY liked it, though to be fair it doesn't taste of alcohol at all, just sweet stuff but good.

We spent their last day at Singapore Zoo with the kids as Leigh was on a plane heading to Europe for two weeks. When I took them to the airport we were all saying how relaxed the journey was and I commented it was the quickest trip to the airport yet when there was a horrible noise from the car. Flat tyre! We were only 5 mins from the airport but it was less than 2 hours till their flight (Changi is mega-efficient) so I was flagging a taxi on the motorway - no recommended. Still, we got one in the end and they made their flight in plenty of time and I was rescued by a very nice man from Singapore AA.

The house is strangly quiet now without them. It was a wonderful visit and hopefully they'll come and see us again next year....?

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Chinese New Year

We recently celebrated Chinese New Year - 'tis the year of the pig. Rik, Tracey & Isabella were in Singapore visiting us for a couple of weeks over the holiday period too.

CNY is a BIG deal in Asia. Put it this way, on Christmas Day many shops, restaurants and bars were open but over CNY just about everything is shut. Its like a ghost town.

The kids had a big celebration at school and Leigh and I learnt the story of CNY twice in one day by watching not one, but two assemblies at school. (The joy of kids spread between the infants and junior/senior school!) I've attached some photos of the kids in their costumes. All the kids in school dressed up, which they do for all holidays, regardless of religion or culture. With kids from 36 different countries in one school there is always something to celebrate.

We then had a street party with all our expat and local (well just the friendly ones) neighbours. We drag a couple of BBQ's and tables onto the street, let the kids run wild and eat and drink ourselves silly. Leigh was over intoxicated & in bed by 10pm (after stealing ollie's quilt, poor little fella); Rik & Tracey retired with a cuppa tea at 11pm to our neighbour's amusement "so british", and I collapsed into bed at 3am after a vodka session with the funny germans next door and our friendly locals. I suffered the next day and swore off drink again....

Maz Photos of Kids

I'll be adding lots to this blog over next few days before I email the address to eveyone so there will be plenty to look rather than just one or two bits of waffle from me.

These are some pics taken by Mazzy at xmas time of the 4 Leather grandchildren (Carlos & Laurie are Mark & Sylvia and Maz's new babies) - very cute and fabulous shots by Maz as usual.

Video clip of Aimee Swimming

This is a clip of Aimee swimming at a friend's house on 26 February 2007. Four months ago she couldn't swim - now look at her! We are really proud of how hard she has worked to become a good swimmer. She's proud of herself too and will tell anyone who will listen that her Sports Coach at school says she is the most improved swimmer in the whole school.

(I find you have to click the play button twice and wait a few seconds for it to download to get it to work. I got it on here, that is enough technology from me!)